The importance of CSR

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This is going to be my last blog post. As I mentioned on my first post, I created this blog solely for my CSR class. I decided that my last post is going to be about the importance of CSR.

For those who aren’t aware, CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. Essentially CSR is a corporation’s initiatives to take responsibility for its effects on the environment or society. More simply, it is like a self regulation in a way, integrated into a business model.

There are so many variables when it comes to corporate social responsibility that can be taken into consideration.  It is implemented into workplaces, in the government system, and even in our daily lives. We are constantly surrounded by CSR and a key issue with CSR is sustainability. This is making sure we are conscious of the impact that our work has on the environment, promoting environmental stewardship, reducing our carbon footprint, and making sure we recycle. I think remaining sustainable is such a problem in our world today. I think this is because it is such an ongoing problem and it doesn’t just affect one thing but many. People these days have commitment issues. Its like it takes so much out of someone to stay committed to one thing and I think this plays a role in why people cannot remain fully sustainable. When it comes to sustainability, environmental sustainability is not the only type, but there is economic and social sustainability. Economic being the businesses ability to continue to produce value from its products or services. Social sustainability meaning a community having a demand for a business to have a responsibility back into the community.

In 2011, 65% of people said they would seriously consider leaving their job if their company harmed the environment and 83% would seriously consider leaving their job if their employer used child labor in sweatshop factories. As we can clearly see from these numbers, individuals are becoming more and more cautious about taking care of the environment and not hurting it. They would consider leaving their jobs because they care so much about the environment and being sustainable. I think this is such a good thing that people actually see that taking care of our environment is important.  I think we as a people need to be cautious of our surroundings and make sure we are protecting the environment with what we do.

One may ask, why is CSR so important to businesses? The answer to this question is simple. Seeing as businesses must take into consideration outside factors like the economy, society, government and the environment, it is inevitable that they take responsibility of the effects they impose on the environment, society, government and economy. I feel like implementing CSR in the workplace almost keeps you on track in a way and is important for regulation and keeping tabs on what we are doing. Also making sure we are responsible for the outside factors like society and the environment.

CSR can also be useful for ourselves as it is like your core values. Everyone is going to have different things they value in this world. It can be ethical or not ethical. Values are a big thing that is central to our everyday lives. Example: If I were to value going to school everyday and getting my education, it will benefit me in the long run and this would happen because I value getting my education. Another example can be that if I value environmental sustainability, this means I am going to make sure that I am so cautious in what I do that I do not hurt the environment with the activities I do on a daily basis. I think without CSR, businesses would be pretty much lost. It is so crucial that CSR is implemented and integrated into not only businesses but our personal lives. We should always keep ourselves self regulated and keep cautious of the environment around us.

Benefits to promoting a socially responsible environment in the workplace is having a more positive environment.  This way employees will be working in a stable environment and everyone should be able to get along when the environment is socially responsible. Also, if the company uses sustainable products in the workplace, this is a form of promoting social responsibility in the workplace.

To wrap up everything, I think CSR is very important because it is crucial that we are holding ourselves accountable for our actions and considering outside factors like the environment, and our society. We need to be careful and aware of our surroundings and make sure we are protecting our environment with the things we are doing on a daily basis.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Stay positive, and be aware of the things going on in our world!




Social media, and the affects it has on our self esteem

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This week’s topic is going to be more of a rant then a research based blog post. This week’s topic is on the affects social media has on our self esteem and how it can affect our work ethics in the long run.

I think this is honestly such a broad topic and so many aspects can be looked at when talking about social media and the affects it has on us as people. Starting off, I would like to address the issues of body image in the media. The media is constantly telling us we need to look perfect, look airbrushed, put a filter on our pictures, and cover up our imperfections. If we do these things, we will get more likes on our photos and in turn get more attention. We are in a social media generation where everyone strives to look perfect. What happened to embracing our flaws and accepting everyone’s differences?

Almost everything has a filter on it these days. What happened to the raw, natural state of things? Everything must be perfect with no flaws. We are obsessed with making our “online selves” look flawless, but not remembering that we do not look like that in real life. This is a constant ongoing problem in social media users these days. I think especially in women it is a constant battle to look a certain way because of how the media tells us we should look.  I think this does happen with men too. The pressures of having a toned, nice looking body is definitely there. If you do not have one you are not considered to be “attractive.” According to, “Social media usage among women is growing steadily across all networks. Growth among Canadian men is slower by comparison.”

With the pressure of the media, it causes a decrease in our self confidence. I think it is such a battle too with all these new trends constantly evolving. It’s like we have to keep up with all these trends in order to look “cool” or to fit in with everyone else. When are we ever going to be satisfied with what God blessed us with? A woman with curly hair wants straight hair, a woman with straight hair wants curly hair. It is a constant battle within ourselves that we will never be satisfied with because of the pressure of the media to look a certain way.

We also constantly strive for approval from society on likes for our pictures. If we don’t get that range of likes we want we question ourselves like, “did I look good enough?”  “Am I good enough?” It is kind of sickening the world we live in now. We need likes on a picture to validate our self esteem and keep our esteem going steady? I think that is absolutely disturbing.

While I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across a very insightful article that has the same theme of what I am talking about in this post. Highlights from this article include that, social media platforms contain a mass of individuals competing against each other just for followers, likes, retweets, and favorites. This is why we cannot get along with others these days as it is a competition for everything. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others and seeing if we will get more likes on our pictures compared to others around us. The article was also saying that social media causes self obsession as people yearn for validation from the likes, retweets and shares they get. The article can be found here:

With all of this being said, I think with social media bringing individuals self esteem down, it can later affect the way people perform on the job or even with communication. They are going to be so focused on the way they look that they cannot be confident in their work and do the tasks that is suppose to be completed for the day. I think this is absolutely horrifying because we should not be letting our self esteem get in the way of our daily lives. I think social media is what you make of it and it can be a great thing whereas it can be a bad thing. I think it is really what you make of it and take from it. We should strive not to let social media consume us and control our happiness.

Corporations and the affects they have on us and the environment

Welcome back to my blog! I hope you enjoyed my first blog post topic if you decided to take a look at it. Im back again for my second post and this post is going to be on how corporations are taking control over the world and the effects it has on people and the environment around us.

To better understand what exactly a corporation is straight from the dictionary, it is, a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity. When it comes to corporations, I think they are the biggest driver in the pollution of our earth. They are destroying the earth with not only the chemicals they emit into the atmosphere but also peoples lives. In a movie we watched in my CSR class, “The Corporation,” corporations were setting up sweatshops in poorer countries to exploit workers in these countries. These corporations would hire anybody of any age to work for them for little to no money. It is just cruel what corporations are doing to people and they are not even considering their actions. They are also not trying to do better, instead they enjoy the cheap labour and the profits they gain from us.

In regards to these corporations hurting the environment, in the same movie I watched in class, corporations were selling synthetic products that could potentially harm the environment, cause cancer, birth defects and other toxic effects on humans and animals. The food industries are a big factor when it comes to harming humans and animals. Recently I came across an article about Subway Canada and the chicken they use as a topping for their subs. As of March 1, 2017 the article outlined that the chicken being used at Subway is only 50% chicken, so what is the other 50% we are putting in our bodies?  The article can be found here:

Subway claimed that the other 50% to be soy. That is better then being something more harmful to our bodies, but when a company makes claims like “100% real beef,” they should be living up to their claims and not mislead the public and feed us with harmful things for our bodies. On the other hand Subway is not the only fast food restaurant that does this. As a people we have to be so careful of what we purchase from these corporations. We do not know their intentions when it comes to the things they are putting in their products or making their products out of. Corporations can honestly not be trusted. They are destroying our earth and have taken almost complete control over us.

Corporations are also taking control of our finances and have taken power over us as a people when it comes to buying stuff. We are constantly being forced to shelf out so much money for products.  Not just products but also taxes, bills, education, and so many other things. Everything requires money in this world. Corporations should be existing to serve individuals needs, not to control us and take our money. With all this being said, I think as a people we should be aware of what is going on around us and not conform to these corporations.





For my first post, I would like to talk about Stereotypes. A stereotype, in my own opinion, is having a certain perception of someone, a religion, gender, or race that may not always be true. This can be linked to judging someone based on their differences.

I think it is a part of human nature to automatically put a stereotype on someone especially when something about them is different or not familiar to us.  I think this happens a lot in the hiring process. I think it is wrong to not hire or be reluctant to hire a person based on their religious beliefs, culture, race, or simply just the way they look. I think as a society we have strayed away from core values, and learning to accept everyone’s differences. If everyone in this world were the same, we would have a pretty boring world and little to no diversity.

I think there are definitely different types of stereotypes.A type of stereotype that happens often in the work place is gender profiling. An example of this is there are stereotypes associated between women and men. Some examples of this can be that construction workers should be men because they are stronger then women, or that men are better athletes because they are better at sports. I think this is wrong because one gender should not comply to a job because of its genre. If someone puts their mind to something, they can achieve anything no matter what gender they are.

Another example of a stereotype in the work place or in the hiring process is racial profiling. If an African American woman arrived at a corporation for an interview and she was wearing her natural hair, comparing her to a Caucasian woman with pin straight hair, the African American woman may not receive the job compared to her counterparts. I think this would happen because people may have a stereotype associated to this. It could be that they think because the individual has a natural hair type, they do not have the same work ethic as someone that has “normal” hair because they look different from the rest. In my eyes, this is wrong but some people are just ignorant in their thinking.

After doing some research on this topic, it is clear that stereotyping can definitely affect the workplace environment. “Stereotyping can cause people in a workplace to treat individuals or groups a certain way based on preconceived notions about that person or group. Diversity factors, including ethnicity, race, culture, religion, gender and age, can all contribute to the propensity of stereotyping in your organization. Promoting a non-discriminatory workplace with openness and acceptance of individual differences helps in preventing common negative effects.”-Neil Kokemuller.

I think  employees who face constant comments of criticism from stereotyping can loose motivation and interest in their job and this is not right in my opinion. Everyone should feel comfortable and secure in their job and not have to worry about negative criticism from others.

My final words on this topic is that, we should strive to not stereotype others, instead we should take the time to get to know people and accept their differences. It will bring about negative environments if all we do is stereotype other people.This world is filled with issues that plague humanity so why don’t we just come together and spread love?