Corporations and the affects they have on us and the environment

Welcome back to my blog! I hope you enjoyed my first blog post topic if you decided to take a look at it. Im back again for my second post and this post is going to be on how corporations are taking control over the world and the effects it has on people and the environment around us.

To better understand what exactly a corporation is straight from the dictionary, it is, a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity. When it comes to corporations, I think they are the biggest driver in the pollution of our earth. They are destroying the earth with not only the chemicals they emit into the atmosphere but also peoples lives. In a movie we watched in my CSR class, “The Corporation,” corporations were setting up sweatshops in poorer countries to exploit workers in these countries. These corporations would hire anybody of any age to work for them for little to no money. It is just cruel what corporations are doing to people and they are not even considering their actions. They are also not trying to do better, instead they enjoy the cheap labour and the profits they gain from us.

In regards to these corporations hurting the environment, in the same movie I watched in class, corporations were selling synthetic products that could potentially harm the environment, cause cancer, birth defects and other toxic effects on humans and animals. The food industries are a big factor when it comes to harming humans and animals. Recently I came across an article about Subway Canada and the chicken they use as a topping for their subs. As of March 1, 2017 the article outlined that the chicken being used at Subway is only 50% chicken, so what is the other 50% we are putting in our bodies?  The article can be found here:

Subway claimed that the other 50% to be soy. That is better then being something more harmful to our bodies, but when a company makes claims like “100% real beef,” they should be living up to their claims and not mislead the public and feed us with harmful things for our bodies. On the other hand Subway is not the only fast food restaurant that does this. As a people we have to be so careful of what we purchase from these corporations. We do not know their intentions when it comes to the things they are putting in their products or making their products out of. Corporations can honestly not be trusted. They are destroying our earth and have taken almost complete control over us.

Corporations are also taking control of our finances and have taken power over us as a people when it comes to buying stuff. We are constantly being forced to shelf out so much money for products.  Not just products but also taxes, bills, education, and so many other things. Everything requires money in this world. Corporations should be existing to serve individuals needs, not to control us and take our money. With all this being said, I think as a people we should be aware of what is going on around us and not conform to these corporations.





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