For my first post, I would like to talk about Stereotypes. A stereotype, in my own opinion, is having a certain perception of someone, a religion, gender, or race that may not always be true. This can be linked to judging someone based on their differences.

I think it is a part of human nature to automatically put a stereotype on someone especially when something about them is different or not familiar to us.  I think this happens a lot in the hiring process. I think it is wrong to not hire or be reluctant to hire a person based on their religious beliefs, culture, race, or simply just the way they look. I think as a society we have strayed away from core values, and learning to accept everyone’s differences. If everyone in this world were the same, we would have a pretty boring world and little to no diversity.

I think there are definitely different types of stereotypes.A type of stereotype that happens often in the work place is gender profiling. An example of this is there are stereotypes associated between women and men. Some examples of this can be that construction workers should be men because they are stronger then women, or that men are better athletes because they are better at sports. I think this is wrong because one gender should not comply to a job because of its genre. If someone puts their mind to something, they can achieve anything no matter what gender they are.

Another example of a stereotype in the work place or in the hiring process is racial profiling. If an African American woman arrived at a corporation for an interview and she was wearing her natural hair, comparing her to a Caucasian woman with pin straight hair, the African American woman may not receive the job compared to her counterparts. I think this would happen because people may have a stereotype associated to this. It could be that they think because the individual has a natural hair type, they do not have the same work ethic as someone that has “normal” hair because they look different from the rest. In my eyes, this is wrong but some people are just ignorant in their thinking.

After doing some research on this topic, it is clear that stereotyping can definitely affect the workplace environment. “Stereotyping can cause people in a workplace to treat individuals or groups a certain way based on preconceived notions about that person or group. Diversity factors, including ethnicity, race, culture, religion, gender and age, can all contribute to the propensity of stereotyping in your organization. Promoting a non-discriminatory workplace with openness and acceptance of individual differences helps in preventing common negative effects.”-Neil Kokemuller.

I think  employees who face constant comments of criticism from stereotyping can loose motivation and interest in their job and this is not right in my opinion. Everyone should feel comfortable and secure in their job and not have to worry about negative criticism from others.

My final words on this topic is that, we should strive to not stereotype others, instead we should take the time to get to know people and accept their differences. It will bring about negative environments if all we do is stereotype other people.This world is filled with issues that plague humanity so why don’t we just come together and spread love?



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